Assembly Bill 5 is already destroying jobs and opportunities

By Kerry Jackson at the OC Register

December 31, 2019

With Assembly Bill 5, lawmakers not only came up with a solution for which there is no problem, they created hardships where there were none before.

The bill was peddled as means to establish fairness for California freelance and independent contractors. No longer will they be “exploited” by businesses. The law now forces companies to hire them as employees rather than allowing them to continue their existing labor relationships, which were arrived at freely and voluntarily by all parties.

In contrast to the image constructed by its supporters, AB5 is a job killer already robbing workers of their freedom. The Hoover Institution’s Lee Ohanian named it the worst California law of 2019. But a case could be made it’s the downright cruelest California law of the last 20 years.

The wreckage began to pile up even before the bill became law on Jan. 1.

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