Formed in 2002, CASE is a non-partisan organization which seeks to educate and inform people about public policy issues that impact their businesses, their lives and their future.

CASE’s over 10,000 members include entrepreneurs, small business owners, farmers and consumers. Unlike other groups, CASE does not employ lobbyists or get involved in political campaigns. The tactics utilized by CASE are designed to educate the public about decisions pending before the legislative and regulatory bodies making decisions that affect small business, farmers, consumers and all Californians. Our policy interests include taxation, spending, government reform, private property rights, public safety, water, environmental policies and others that impact the lives and businesses of Californians.

CASE professionals meet with real business owners to encourage them to become personally involved in the organization’s public policy efforts.

CASE is unique because it is a true grassroots organization formed by real people to make sure California’s economy is not harmed by decisions being made in Sacramento.