The fight against over-taxation is as old as human society.  The inherent tendency of government is to seek more and more tax revenue, because those in charge, whether elected representatives or unelected rulers, are always coming up with new ways to expand the size of government. The Founding Fathers were acutely aware of this reality. As Benjamin Franklin observed during the Constitutional Convention: “As as all history informs us, there has been in every state and kingdom a constant kind of warfare between the governing and the governed; the one striving to obtain more for its support, and the other to pay less.”

In few places is that more true than California, where the liberal interests groups who rule state government and the major metropolises are relentless in their quest to separate the people from their wealth. There is always a new crisis sparking calls for imposing a new tax or hiking an existing one. Presently, liberal special interests want to impose a soda tax, increase tobacco taxes and repeal Proposition 13 protections for businesses.

There is an inverse relationship between taxation and freedom. As one increases, the other diminishes. The more money government takes from individuals and enterprises, they less free they are to pursue the innovations and take the risks that generate a more opportunity and better lives for all.

CASE exists to educate and inform the public, especially entrepreneurs, small business owners, farmers and consumers, about the dangers of these never-ending attempts to transfer more of the people’s wealth into the abyss of government bureaucracy.