Public Safety

We live in an age when it is has become fashionable for liberal elites and street radicals to disparage the police, who serve and protect thousands of communities across this nation, as militaristic, racist brutes. The cumulative effect of this coordinated and well-funded anti-police agitation is to undermine public safety – the guarantee of which is government’s most fundamental purpose.

A commitment to preserving law and order, consistent with the principles of limited government and ordered liberty, is the bedrock of a free and prosperous society. Crime depresses job creation, dissolves community cohesion and robs hope those who need it most:  disadvantaged Americans trapped in high-crime neighborhoods.

CASE members share a commitment to public safety as the basic purpose of government. We push back against the strident radical agenda to disparage the police and delegitimize their role as guardians of free civil society. While those rare instances of police wrong-doing should be prosecuted as deliberately as any other criminal behavior, CASE works to foster informed public discourse that isn’t susceptible  to radical, dishonest anti-police rhetoric.