Formed in 2002, CASE is a non-partisan, tax exempt 501(c)(4) organization which seeks to educate and inform people about public policy issues that impact their businesses, their lives and their future.

CASE members include entrepreneurs, small business owners, farmers and consumers.  Unlike other groups, CASE does not employ lobbyists or make donations to candidates. The tactics utilized by CASE are designed to educate the public about decisions pending before the legislative and regulatory bodies that impact our economy and quality of life.


The purpose of the CASE Legislature Accountability Project is to “hold their feet to the fire” by informing people about the record of their elected representatives.

California legislators operate in Sacramento in relative obscurity. Few news media outlets even cover the legislature. CASE researchers have found that many Californians have no idea about how their elected Assembly member or Senator votes on important issues. Lack of knowledge equals lack of accountability. Representatives who operate in the dark often make decisions that are counter-productive to the well-being of the people they represent.

Legislation currently under consideration in Sacramento will INCREASE TAXES, INCREASE REGULATIONS, INCREASE CONSUMER PRICES, and DRIVE JOBS OUT of California. Many other bills will directly and negatively impact the quality of life for California’s working families, senior citizens and small business owners.

The CASE-LAP will inform the public about what is really going on under the State Capitol dome using a wide variety of mediums, including Social Media and Networking, Press Events, Email, Television, Radio, Direct Mail and Print Advertising. Legislative districts targeted for the CASE-LAP education efforts will be chosen based on several criteria, including the likelihood of the effort having an impact on public policy and the cost to be effective in the district chosen.

CASE-LAP will encourage citizens to contact their elected representatives and make their concerns known.


CASE is actively seeking donations to help fund the CASE-LAP project. CASE is a California nonprofit corporation exempt from income tax pursuant to Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. CASE is not registered as a political committee and donors are not publicly disclosed. Donations to CASE can be made at our website, www.ConsumerAlliance.org.