Bullet Train Requires Another Four Years of Patience

Californians voted to lay down tracks for a high-speed rail nearly 10 years ago but with each delay or funding deficit, it still feels like a distant dream. Only four months into 2018, on the heels of filing their taxes, Californians received even more bad news.

In the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s 2018 business plan, released in March, sat an uncomfortable update: The bullet train would be delayed another four years, until 2033, and it’s lacking enough funds for the roughly $30 billion needed to complete the first phase between San Francisco and the Central Valley.

The whole project is now estimated to cost at least $77 billion — nearly double the original estimate.

A decade of these delays combined with ballooning costs has called the project’s feasibility altogether into question by some, including two leading Republican candidates for governor. The Mercury News wrote an editorial in January about how the state shouldn’t sink any more money, or at least launch an independent review.


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