California gas tax, fee increases hit poor, middle-income people hardest

Increased California gas tax fees could make $52 billion available for road repair and other services over a ten-year period; opponents seek to place a proposition on the November 2018 ballot.

The Board of Equalization (BOE) was poised to raise gasoline taxes through a process directed by the legislature in 2010, referred to as a “gas tax swap.” But enough is enough! Californians cannot bear another gas tax increase.

At the February meeting of the BOE, the California Department of Tax and Administration recommended that the BOE raise the excise tax by 4 cents per gallon, which would have brought the total federal and state gasoline taxes and fees in California to 76.7 cents a gallon effective July 1, 2019. This takes into consideration that Senate Bill 1 enacted a 17.6 cent gas tax increase and a 20-cent diesel fuel tax increase and terminates the “gas tax swap” adjustment.

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